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Our Offshore Hosting is Based in Netherlands

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  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.999% Uptime Guarantee
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What is Offshore Hosting?

If you are a tech savvy entrepreneur looking to open a profitable website, you probably already know that you will need a webhost. If you are a beginner, but still an entrepreneur looking to open a profitable website, you may need a quick breakdown of either you need onshore or offshore hositng?

Web hosting is what makes the internet work. Every website needs a host. The host is a computer that stores all of the website’s information from links to pictures to videos. Each website links to an IP address which belongs to the host computer. When you want to access the site with your computer, you do so by accessing the host computer. The internet is often called the World Wide Web because it is a big web of interconnected computers.

Now, when choosing a host you should be aware of your host country’s laws. That will be a big factor in rather or not to use offshore hosting. If you want to make a torrent site, for instance, you may want to use offshore hosting because American copyright laws could hurt you. If you live in America and employ an American webhost, that’s called onshore hosting. Your host is on the shores of your country. If you live in America and employ a webhost from another country, that is called offshore hosting. The needs of your website will determine if offshore hosting or onshore hosting is best for you. 

We have setup in Netherlands, all our offshore hosting account are created in Netherlands where normally laws are not very strict for hosting even though some laws for hosting does not exists in Netherlands.


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